Monday, July 31, 2006

A vision is launched

In 17 days time I will be 'celebrating' my 30th birthday. Rather than produce the usual 'wish list' of present ideas for friends and family I felt a need to do things a little differently this time.
After much thought and reflection on a suitable way to mark the occasion I settled on a way to enjoy my milestone whilst putting aside material desires and do something a little more worthwhile.

It is for this reason that I have decided to enroll on a fundraising sponsored expedition to support my chosen charity. Although I have yet to register (I am still investigating possible options), it is likely that I will apply for one of the trips run by Action Aid

This is a charity that we have supported for many years through it's child sponsorship scheme and one of the causes that I feel very stongly about.

Over the coming weeks I hope to settle on a suitable trip and confirm my place, all of which shall be recorded in these pages. In addition, I will of course be looking for sponsorship for my trip, details of which will also be posted here.

If you would be interested in supporting me on this venture I would be grateful to receive your comments.

Please check back reguarly for updates.

Many thanks