Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look what just turned up

Just a couple of days after I made the commitment and sent off my application to CYM for the Engage: Youth Ministry Training Course...onto my doormat dropped the course notes and folder (well I say dropped - it was actually handed over at the door by the postman as it was to big for the letterbox). In addition, having shared my plans with our wider leadership team at church I was pleased too receive their full support and prayers - they've even proposed that the church support me financially by paying the full cost. Not something I was expecting them to do.

Next up is the job of sweet talking someone into being my 'line manager' for the duration of the course as well as establishing a pastoral support network. Then it will be time to start the pre-reading and gear up for the course. Amen!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This really is a new horizon!

I felt 3 years was probably long enough and it was time to return to my personal blog with some exciting, and possibly scary news. Today I posted off my application to the Centre for Youth Ministry to join their Engage: Youth Ministry course starting in March.

Designed for part time youthworkers and youth leaders the course is delivered through 6 training days with additional learning guided through online study, guided reading and practice based learning. Successful completition leads to a nationally recognised qualification and JNC endorsement. Essentially it's a stepping stone to something a bit bigger!
This whole decision came out of a real challenge whilst at the Youthwork conference in Eastbourne in November to examine my commitment and role in youthwork and prompted me to look into some kind of formal qualification. At the moment I'm just testing the water and seeing whether me and youthwork are a good fit. After that, who knows.