Thursday, August 17, 2006

Birthday Wishes

Well, today I am officially 'old'
I have reached my 30th birthday without too many problems, here's where the aches and pains kick in no doubt. Last night I spent the final evening of my 20's drinking whisky and listening to 7" vinyl from my youth. I was able to lose myself (for a short period at least), in the sounds of The Cure, Senseless Things, Kingmaker, The Frank & Walters, Mambo Taxi, Carter USM and others. Now, it's time to grow up....

So, I am still waiting impatiently by the letterbox for my confirmation of a place on my chosen trip. Until then I am reluctant to release the details to the www. I can say however that I have applied for a trek in Africa some time next year.

More will (I promise) follow soon

Andrew H (now 30!)

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