Thursday, October 04, 2007

2 Days To Go!

This will be the final post before I leave for Africa in only 2 days time!

A massive thankyou to everyone that has sponsored me to help me reach my target already.

After all the build up and anticipation, the fundraising and emails, I am now all set to make the trip on Saturday afternoon to the queues of Heathrow Airport Terminal 3.
After that is taken care of I will be off and away on my flight to Nairobi. We arrive early Sunday morning. From there we travel to the village of Narok to visit an ActionAid project at work, then into Tanzania to prepare for our trek. We spend about 6 days in the Rift Valley trekking with the Maasai people before finishing at the Ngorongoro Crater with a half day of safari. We then head to Kilimanjaro airport for our flight home via Nairobi.
See you when I get back!


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